Artwork and Illustration has always been something of a passion for me. Whilst it's probably no more than a hobby I've never been able to give up on I've found that, over recent years, Social Media has led my artwork to some incredible places. From one of my pieces being put onto canvas for Gary Numan's current producer Ade Fenton to my art being featured in the prestigious LA Review Of Books to my work being used on a website run by the David Lynch Foundation to my art gracing the covers of Starburst Magazine for an entire year and being distributed around the world. The list of achievements seems to be becoming endless. With over 250,000 views online from my social media sites my art seemingly has an ever increasing audience.
ian welch illustration
I hope you enjoy looking around my site. Much of the artwork here includes many of my pieces from my time working with Starburst magazine. I've also included a number of my Film, TV and Music based portraits. Obviously you will have already noticed a whole section dedicated to the legend that is Gary Numan. I'm a huge fan and have been for many years. Fortunately my art seems to be appreciated by my fellow Numanoids. I've also found Gary's team sharing out pieces through his official Facebook page which has been great.

Many of the pieces on show here are available from the various wallpaper sections on this site. Please feel free to download, share, use on blogs etc. I'm not precious about my artwork and love to see it being shared out. I always think that's how people find out about it. If you do wish to use it on your blog please make sure sure to either credit me or link back to this site. Should anyone wish to use these images for commercial purposes please contact me first to obtain permission.

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